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02 Oct, 2023 5:00 PM UTC

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03 Oct, 2023 5:00 PM UTC

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KlubCoin is a pioneering Web3 music platform powered by the utility token $KLUB. By bridging the gap between partygoers, music producers, DJs, event organizers, clubs, festivals, and promoters, KlubCoin cultivates an interactive experience, elevating engagement and providing value to the 300 million fans of the electronic music industry.

Introducing KlubCoin

Endorsed by some of the world’s leading electronic music brands, KlubCoin is a fast-growing ecosystem that gives clubs, festivals, artists, and DJs the power to offer their loyal fans rewards in the form of crypto ownership.

The platform seamlessly integrates the use of the token in real-life events as well as online and in the Metaverse. KlubCoin is dedicated to establishing an extensive ecosystem, catering to the growth of a vibrant community for enthusiasts of electronic music, and offering numerous benefits and opportunities within the electronic music industry.

KlubCoin has already established partnerships with major clubs, artists, and festivals and developed a user base projected to reach 500,000 in 2024. With the launch of $KLUB token, KlubCoin continues to solidify its position as a premier platform for electronic music enthusiasts.

What Problems Does KlubCoin Solve?

The electronic music industry, valued at approximately $8 billion, is lacking in ways to provide reciprocal benefits to its passionate supporters. Until now, there has been an absence of a cohesive global community that effectively communicates and derives advantages from the considerable contributions made by these fans. Recognizing this, KlubCoin focuses on delivering a transformative platform that connects fans and facilitates rewarding interactions with DJs, artists, clubs, and festivals.

KlubCoin is also a cashless payment system, similar to the physical tokens commonly used to purchase drinks at renowned festivals like Awakenings, Defqon1, or not so long ago even at Tomorrowland, one of the world’s largest electronic music festivals, but this time in a full digital environment.

KlubCoin transforms the cashless landscape by eliminating exorbitant costs.

It offers a comprehensive solution that is accessible to any club, festival, online brand, and even smaller businesses such as restaurants or bars. Leveraging the KlubCoin iOS and Android app eliminates the need for costly NFC wristbands or RFID cards, as all top-up actions, token management, and transactions can be performed directly from the app by event participants. KlubCoin seamlessly integrates with existing point-of-sale (POS) systems for in-person events through secure, low-code APIs.

Unlike traditional cashless solutions currently seen at many clubs and festivals, which often incur additional fees of around 3 to 4% (for admin and setup costs of wristbands or NFC cards, NFT reading devices, scanners, and top-up stands), KlubCoin operates as a cost-free alternative.

For a complete turnkey cashless solution, the expenses can amount to approximately 5% of the average revenue per user (ARPU) for a 10,000-person event with an ARPU of 80 EUR, resulting in a staggering cost of 40,000 EUR for just one event. This percentage represents a budget of approximately 1 to 1.5 million euros for larger festivals or a full season at a prominent club in Ibiza.
Operating as a fully sustainable blockchain payment solution, KlubCoin functions seamlessly through a user-friendly application. This innovative approach eliminates concerns related to carrying or losing cash or bank cards while attending public events.

KlubCoin Mobile App

klubcoin mobile app

To ensure seamless adoption of Web3 technology, KlubCoin offers a mobile app on iOS and Android, which simplifies accessibility across the entire electronic music industry, catering even to non-technical users.

The KlubCoin mobile app is both a payment system and a reward platform that is designed specifically to enhance the experience of clubbers and partygoers within the electronic music industry.

$KLUB Token Utilities

$KLUB tokens have diverse utilities as both a cashless payment solution and a global loyalty program that offers cash-back rewards and many other perks. Users of KlubCoin are able to access a range of benefits including:
  • Global interactivity with fellow electronic music enthusiasts facilitated through KlubCoin.
  • Party-and-Earn loyalty program to collect cashback in $KLUB tokens within all partners of the KlubCoin ecosystem.
  • Access to sold out events.
  • Purchase of merchandise, whether on-site or from the comfort of one’s own home.
  • Limited edition merchandising collabs collections.
  • Direct tipping of artists through the application, whether during live performances IRL or from home watching a live-streaming.
  • Access to curated and exclusive content from select artists.
  • Live-streaming of the most prominent global events and performances from home, enabled through token gated events.
  • Active participation in governance voting through token staking.
  • Polls, votes, influencing artist selection and event programming hosted by KlubCoin.
  • Exclusive access to Money cannot buy experiences through staking Klub tokens.
  • Join KlubCoin exclusive events and KlubCoin Festivals.

Token will be on ETH chain as an ERC-20 token. Token is listing mid October.


$KLUB is more than just a payment method. It introduces the innovative Party-and-Earn model, where users receive instant rewards when making KlubCoin-powered purchases from partners within the KlubCoin family.

The initial partners of the KlubCoin ecosystem comprise esteemed top-tier clubs, festivals, and electronic music brands such as Amnesia Ibiza, Bootshaus, Clubbing TV, DJ Mag, Eden Ibiza, and 1001Tracklists, among others. These partnerships demonstrate the growing influence and wide-ranging adoption of KlubCoin within the electronic music industry.

party and earn

As KlubCoin continues to gain momentum, it aims to become the predominant token within the entire electronic music scene. The platform has already onboarded 3 out of the top 10 clubs in the world, according to DJ Mag Top 100 rankings.

Payment method

$KLUB tokens can be utilized as a payment method in real-life clubs and festival events, online purchases of merchandise, tickets, and various products and services. Additionally, the tokens facilitate artist tipping, gated live streaming, and enhance user experiences within the electronic music ecosystem and the metaverse.

Through a partnership with Lunu.io, KlubCoin enables real-life payments using $KLUB tokens in physical venues, including clubs, festivals, bars, and restaurants. Additionally, the integration of KlubCoin payment widgets with popular e-commerce platforms such as Shopify, WooCommerce, and Prestashop extends its usability within traditional online shopping environments.


KlubCoin also offers additional utility by enabling real-time tipping using $KLUB tokens in various settings, including in-person (such as tipping your bartender), online (to support artists), and even during televised broadcasts on Clubbing TV. The integration of KlubCoin’s tipping feature on Clubbing TV allows viewers to scan unique QR codes displayed on the screen while DJs are performing, enabling instant and direct tips to the artists without any intermediary commissions. Artists can use their tipping QR codes across multiple platforms to gather further support, including press releases, live streams, visuals, and social media.

Exclusive Events

KlubCoin is already organising exclusive events in Ibiza and Miami (during Art Basel and Miami Music Week) that are reserved for KlubCoin holders and stakers, but we have something much bigger to come! Scheduled for summer 2024 in Croatia, the first KlubCoin festival will take place on the stunning Pag Island, at Zrce Beach. This means 3 days and 2 nights of partying non-stop with the best house and techno music, where all transactions will be cashless and 100% KlubCoin based. From the festival tickets to the drinks at the bar, the VIP tables, and the merchandising items, they can only be purchased with $KLUB tokens.

KlubCoin also offers fans unprecedented access to live event streaming. This unique feature empowers fans to engage directly with events and artists, establishing a level of interactivity that will be a first within the electronic music industry.

Branded NFTs

NFT collections curated by KlubCoin will offer exclusive and unparalleled experiences that go beyond monetary value. These NFTs will provide access to unique meet-and-greets, exclusive backstage parties with artists, and access to highly sought-after sold-out events. These collections, alongside the events, will be launched directly under the KlubCoin brand and/or “powered by KlubCoin”.


The recently released Bershka x Amnesia collection, powered by KlubCoin, includes a physical limited-edition collection available in Bershka stores as well as NFT wearables in Decentraland. The collection was supported by a branded event with the infamous DJ Steve Aoki playing simultaneously in Amnesia Ibiza in real life and in the Decentraland Metaverse. Both crowds were able to see each other on giant screens during the event and party together.

In the very near future, KlubCoin will be able to implement digital NFT ticketing directly in its app, offering efficiency, additional revenues, and increased security in handling primary and secondary market ticketing transactions and instant transfers of DJ fees.

These exciting features and functionalities are just the beginning, as KlubCoin aims to continually enhance its offerings and provide exceptional utility for token holders.

Marketing Strategy

KlubCoin’s marketing strategy stands out for its comprehensive approach, leveraging not only the strength of the KlubCoin brand but also the vast network of partners within the KlubCoin ecosystem. These partners include renowned top-tier clubs, festivals, and electronic music brands, boasting extensive client bases, users, fans, and followers. The collective reach of these partners presents a remarkable opportunity for KlubCoin as they actively promote and endorse the platform to their respective audiences through various channels, including social networks and within their venues. This collaborative marketing approach enables KlubCoin to tap into existing communities and leverage the influence and credibility of established industry players to maximise exposure and engagement.

klubcoin socials

Supported by a massive promotional campaign on Clubbing TV reaching more than 120 million households in over 90 countries, KlubCoin does have its own marketing plan and also organises online, in venues, and on-ground marketing activations with partners of the ecosystem.

Meet The Team

CEO – Stephane Schweitzer brings over 20 years of experience in the Electronic & Dance Music industry. He is the founder and owner of Clubbing TV, a widely broadcasted TV channel available in 92 countries. Stephane has also been actively involved in various NFT projects, including a successful collection on Makersplace for Amnesia Ibiza. Notably, he achieved impressive results with a collection of 10,000 NFT collectibles, generating revenues of 2.4 million USD in just four days. 

CTO – Sebastien Michea holds a Ph.D. in Mathematical Physics from France and another Ph.D. in Seoul, specializing in Statistical Physics. Prior to joining KlubCoin, he gained experience as a software programmer in the telecom industry at Cap Gemini. Sebastien has been focusing on blockchain technology for the past four years and holds a blockchain security professional certification. 

CMO – Sergi Blaya brings valuable expertise as a Brand & Sponsorship Manager and shareholder at Amnesia Ibiza. Additionally, Sergi has made early investments in various tech startups.

CFO – Thomas Jauffret is the founder of Vocatio & Co, based in Paris, France, and possesses a strong background in M&A, fundraising, and strategy. Thomas is an angel investor in several industries, including fintech, blockchain, crypto, media, and entertainment startups.



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